Which Serum is Best For Your Skin Type? 3 Serum Recommendations for Sensitive, Mature, & All Skin Types

We all love serums. Whether we use them to attack problems, reduce inflammation, hydrate our skin, or to keep us youthful. Serums are the next best thing & can have massive benefits for the health of our skin overall. But using the wrong serum can cause all of these incredible benefits to go to waste. For this reason, we're going to share the best facial serums to use for your skin type, the benefits of each of them, and a few recommendations of the best one to use for your individual skin needs! So, without further ado, let's get started!

For all skin types

To start off, when it comes to serums, you'll want something that's natural and delivers your skin with a lot of antioxidants, botanicals, and hydration. Many serums also contain hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, or Vitamin E to help do this. But honestly, any serum with any or all of the ingredients will be great, but our favorite for all skin types is the Hollywood Glow Botanical Facial Serum. 

Hollywood Glow Botanical Facial Serum 

This serum, in particular, is lightweight & carefully curated with natural ingredients that bring a deep penetration into your skin to heal & protect it on all levels. This powerful serum makes use of camellia seed oil, which is known to protect against environmental stressors & its ability to prevent premature wrinkles, lemongrass to uplift & awake the senses to help you focus & glow like a goddess, chamomile for a light application to unclog pores and allow the skin to breathe, calendula oil for anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, and more! Overall, you can be sure that you're treating your skin with a top-notch natural serum that will keep you feeling happy and keep your skin bright and glowing no matter where you go!

A great serum for all skin types, but especially great for those with younger skin and who are new to organic skincare. Learn more about the Hollywood Glow Serum here

Sensitive skin

Next, when it comes to serums for sensitive skin, you’ll want to keep your serum & cleansing routines pretty natural. If not, you run the risk of irritation, breakouts, or clogged pores (which we definitely want to avoid). For that reason, we've chosen the Restorative Remedy Botanical Facial Serum for those with sensitive skin. This serum has extremely gentle ingredients to ensure your skin will remain calm & relaxed during & after each application. 

Restorative Remedy Botanical Face Serum

The Restorative Remedy serum is made with natural ingredients to gently relieve those with sensitive skin. Some of the nourishing ingredients include fresh St. John's Wort olive oil to help soothe damaged skin & support the elastin in the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hemp oil for anti-aging properties, & even argan oil for dry patches & moisturization. Alternatively for those days when acne is taking over, the anti-inflammatory effect of the oil mixtures included (ginger and superb herbal extracts), kicks acne and redness out, while putting your best skin forward! Honestly, have you ever heard of a more natural & gentle serum? If you're not convinced, try it out yourself & shop yours here

Mature skin

Now, when it comes to mature skin, the main goal is to ensure your skin is getting the proper nutrients to keep hydrated, healthy, & young. This is to make sure it keeps absorbing nutrients and allow the natural substances in the skin to function properly for a more youthful appearance.  For that reason, we've chosen the Youth Potion Botanical Facial Serum to help with that! 

Youth Potion Botanical Face Serum

The Youth Potion Botanical Facial Serum has an extraordinary balance of three powerful antioxidants; Squalene, Sachi Inchi, and Camellia Seed Oil. All of these offer optimum amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, namely Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega 3), Linolenic Acid (Omega 6), and Oleic Acid (Omega 9). This high concentration actually helps to smooth mature skin, combat wrinkles, & ultimately keep you looking & feeling younger.

Not to mention, Squalene is a naturally-occuring part of your skin, so replenishing those quantities as you age also assist in keeping your skin appearing younger for longer. In addition to that, this exhilarating potion even has a touch of nettle extract for firmness & regulation of sebum production for healthy-looking skin.  

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this botanical remedy! Rich, nourishing, & gentle; what more could you want in a serum? Shop yours here & watch the magic unfold!

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