Blue Tansy Essential Oil & How Essential It Is For Healing The Skin

When it comes to skincare, there are many many ingredients to use to heal your skin. Chamomile to fade spots, rose water for improved complexion, lavender for its anti-aging properties, the list goes on. But perhaps one of the most powerful ingredients found in higher-end beauty products is blue tansy oil.
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Hydrating & Moisturizing; Why your skin needs both

how often do you hydrate AND moisturize?

for most of you, probably never. It seems counterintuitive to add a water based product to your face and then mix in an oil based product on top. Oil and water don't mix. But I am here to share with you that, I am passionate about skincare, and I want you to have your best, healthiest skin yet. So please, stay with me for a moment while I take you on this journey.

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