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4 Healing Properties of Rosemary & it's Benefits for the Skin + 3 Product Recommendations

We've talked about other soothing herbs for the skin such as chamomile or plantain, but one I want to focus on today is something unlike the rest, & probably one you have in your kitchen cabinet or maybe even growing in your backyard, & that is rosemary. 

Now, there are many incredible health benefits of rosemary, including powerful antioxidants, improvement of digestion, neurological protection, & more, but rosemary actually has powerful benefits for the health of your skin as well. So for today, we're going to delve into all the properties of this magical little herb & how it is essential for keeping your skin young & healthy.

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Blue Tansy Essential Oil & How Essential It Is For Healing The Skin

When it comes to skincare, there are many many ingredients to use to heal your skin. Chamomile to fade spots, rose water for improved complexion, lavender for its anti-aging properties, the list goes on. But perhaps one of the most powerful ingredients found in higher-end beauty products is blue tansy oil.
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