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4 Huge Skin Benefits of Comfrey & Why it’s The Only Ingredient You’ll Ever Need For Youthful Skin

With so many different skincare products on the market, there's quite a variety of plant extracts generally found in the ingredients. This could include anything from rosemary, rose oil, chamomile, or plantain, just to name a favored few. The common theme with these plants is that they all have a reputation for powerful skincare benefits dating back centuries. Although, there is one other plant extract that's also popular that beauty brands don't tend to talk about too much. And that is known as comfrey.
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Blue Tansy Essential Oil & How Essential It Is For Healing The Skin

When it comes to skincare, there are many many ingredients to use to heal your skin. Chamomile to fade spots, rose water for improved complexion, lavender for its anti-aging properties, the list goes on. But perhaps one of the most powerful ingredients found in higher-end beauty products is blue tansy oil.
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Why I Started Blue Lemon Beauty

I started Blue Lemon Beauty because when you try our productsyou will find the warrior within yourself!
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