4 Huge Skin Benefits of Comfrey & Why it’s The Only Ingredient You’ll Ever Need For Youthful Skin

With so many different skincare products on the market, there's quite a variety of plant extracts generally found in the ingredients. This could include anything from rosemary, rose oil, chamomile, or plantain, just to name a favored few. The common theme with these plants is that they all have a reputation for powerful skincare benefits dating back centuries. Although, there is one other plant extract that's also popular that beauty brands don't tend to talk about too much. And that is known as comfrey.

Comfrey is a shrug that has been used for treating sprains, inflammation, & even to improve the age of your skin. So because comfrey has so many incredible skincare benefits, we're going to delve deeper into this plant & talk about 4 of its vital benefits that will have you hooked like never before. So, if you're ready to ditch the artificial ingredients & chemically-filled products, let's dive in & get started. 

Comfrey Benefits 

  1. Protects your skin from environmental stressors

A key component in any skincare product is finding something that will lock out harsh stressors in the environment. This could include UV rays, pollution, or bacteria. If you don't protect your skin from these harsh substances, your skin will ultimately have clogged pores, age quicker, & appear duller. But thankfully, a naturally occurring substance in comfrey known as "tannins" act as an antioxidant that blocks out free radicals & bacteria, which will significantly contribute to your skin's health overall. Not to mention, tannins are also known to be a natural astringent, which means this will naturally tighten your pores & remove excess oil on top of it. Talk about a powerful substance!

  1. Softens skin

Next, perhaps one of the biggest things comfrey is also known for is that it has allantoin. In the simplest terms, allantoin is basically like a moisturizer that creates a protective layer on your skin that locks in moisture. For this reason, this helps the skin stay hydrated, ultimately contributing to a smooth texture & a healthy glow. On top of that, allantoin also helps to stimulate new tissue growth, ultimately shedding away the old, dead & dull skin cells & replacing them with bright, glowing & youthful ones. For this reason, comfrey is an essential ingredient for keeping that skin glowing & that blood flowing.

  1. Reduces inflammation 

Next, another reason we love allantoin is that it is also an anti-inflammatory substance (talk about a do-it-all element!). Thus, not only is it essential for treating burns & rashes, but it is also excellent for attacking acne. So, if you're sick of using harsh products to reduce breakouts, it's time to start looking for comfrey in the ingredient list for a natural & soothing treatment. 

  1. Comfrey keeps you young 

And lastly, perhaps the most significant reason comfrey has become so widespread is its ability to keep the skin young. Once again, because of the magical ingredient of allantoin, comfrey helps your skin to age like never before. Because of such a high content of this ingredient, comfrey will help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, & can also help to smooth, firm, & tighten your skin unlike any other. Honestly, have you ever seen one ingredient do so much for your skin?

Overall, if you want to take care of your skin unlike never before, look for products with comfrey listed & try it out for yourself, as it's the only product you'll truly ever need. Trust us, this all-in-one herb is bound to have you feeling like the beautiful goddess you are (& will save you tons of money on top of it).

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