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Blue Lemon Beauty is an organic, whole plant, skincare brand
changing the way consumers use plants in their everyday life – the way that nature intended. We like to think of ourselves as the modern day apothecary, for your face. Let us help you find your best natural skincare routine, from our line of handcrafted skin treatments. Made in microbatches. Sustainably and Cruelty Free.

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Mint Hon Face Mask

get your glow on, honey

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Attuned Face Balm

moisturize & soothe skin

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Revived Eye Serum

revive those beautiful eyes

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Organic ingredients are carefully sourced and botanical extracts are made in-house to ensure potency & efficacy. We combine herbalist knowledge & whole plant nutrients to heal your skin.

Made by moms, for moms. Our products are baby safe, so you can snuggle your little one without worry.

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