Clean Spirit Cleansing Grains + Purifying Elixir Botanical Cleansing Oil (And Why You Should Ditch The Foaming Cleansers ASAP!)

When it comes to getting rid of oil, we're willing to do some crazy things. Whether it's using powder to cover the shine, caking on layers of foundation, or using a rough oil cleanser to scrub it away. While these are quick & easy solutions, they're something we definitely shouldn't be doing. If you want healthy-looking skin that will keep you feeling beautiful and confident, you're going to need to invest in something that's a little more high-quality, gentle, and natural. With that said, there are two products today that can solve your oily problem easily that we want to discuss a little more in-depth today. 

But before we dive into the natural products, we want to tell you why you should want to give up that foaming cleanser of yours. 

Believe it or not, but foam cleansers actually disrupt your skin's natural balance. While it's true they can pull away excess oil, they aren't doing it in the most gentle way possible, & honestly, it's still going to return later. Think of foam cleansers as a cleanser on steroids; they're at maximum power, & for this reason, it can be very harsh on our skin. Because of this, they can not only cause your skin to be more alkaline, aka dry - but these types of cleanser can also remove too much of your skin's protective layer & sebum, which will ultimately result in breakouts, redness, & believe it or not, more oil. 

With that said, it's best to stick to something natural, & they are the top two products for that. 

Clean Spirit Cleansing Grains: 

When it comes to cleansers that exfoliate, remove toxins from your pores, has real, natural ingredients, & are incredibly gentle, the Clean Spirit Cleansing Grains are ideal.

Scented with lavender for a calming and relaxing cleanse, these gentle grains are perfect for removing day-to-day build-up for a refreshing and rejuvenating feel. The reason these cleansing grains are so unique compared to others on the market is in their healing ingredients. This blend is carefully curated with natural ingredients that work together to rejuvenate your skin, unlike any other. In the Clean Spirit Cleansing Grains, you will find everything from oats to help prevent damage from pollution & UV rays, rosehip seeds for antioxidants and age-fighting properties, sandalwood powder to remove dead skin cells, kaolin clay to help remove pent up dirt & grime, & more!

This cleanser also incorporates the powerful healing properties of marshmallow, known for its ability to help soothe the skin and heal wounds. Not to mention, it also promotes healthy cell growth & reduces swelling! Seriously, what more could you want in a cleanser? 

Hydrating, softening, & gentle - you won't find anything better! Shop yours here

Purifying Elixir Botanical Cleansing Oil: 

Next, to top off the cleansing grains, this purifying elixir is ideal to use for a full facial coverage. Made for all skin types, this oil, scented with Sage & Myrrh, effortlessly removes makeup, while helping to penetrate deep into your pores for hydration unlike any other. 

The main problem with drug store cleansers nowadays is that they dry your skin, which leads to an excess in oil production, leading to clogged pores and unhealthy skin. But this cleansing oil combats that, is gentle and smooth, and makes your skin feel rejuvenated with each use! Think of it as having your own professional facial done every day in the comfort of your home! Because it's full of only natural ingredients & no harsh chemicals, you never have to worry about clogged pores, breakouts, or redness ever again!

Enriched with chia seed oil (to help the skin's barrier maintain moisture for a healthy protective layer on your skin), sunflower oil (to retain moisture for longer), jojoba oil (for anti-inflammatory properties), & many other ingredients, this Purifying Elixir is the perfect blend of nature's purest ingredients for your skin that looks & feels amazing! 

Trust us, if you give your skin a little love, it will love you right back with this oil!

Don't believe us? Give it a shot yourself & try yours here.

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