4 Healing Properties of Rosemary & it's Benefits for the Skin + 3 Product Recommendations

We've talked about other soothing herbs for the skin such as chamomile or plantain, but one I want to focus on today is something unlike the rest, & probably one you have in your kitchen cabinet or maybe even growing in your backyard, & that is rosemary. 

Now, there are many incredible health benefits of rosemary, including powerful antioxidants, improvement of digestion, neurological protection, & more, but rosemary actually has powerful benefits for the health of your skin as well. So for today, we're going to delve into all the properties of this magical little herb & how it is essential for keeping your skin young & healthy. 

Rosemary Benefits 

Treats Acne 

To start off, rosemary is favored by those with sensitive skin for its ability to treat acne. This is because rosemary has natural antibiotic & disinfectant properties, which helps it treat not only acne but also oily skin. Not to mention, it is incredibly hydrating to the skin, which can overall assist in oil control. When massaged into the face, rosemary oil can even help to lighten dark spots & blemishes to improve your complexion overall. 

Aging skin

Next, on top of its powerful acne-fighting properties, rosemary can also help to prevent signs of aging. This is because rosemary naturally contains powerful antioxidants, which can strengthen capillaries and slow the effects of aging. Not to mention, rosemary oil also tightens sagging and loose skin to help it appear firmer and more elastic. It even helps to stimulate cell growth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Seriously, what can't rosemary do?

Hydrates the skin

Next, rosemary also has the natural ability to tackle dry or flakey skin to eliminate further irritation due to its incredible hydrating properties. Because of this & the natural stimulation rosemary provides to your skin cells, it is also excellent for evening out your skin tone & clearing red spots or blemishes for a more radiant complexion. Talk about one powerful herb!

Prevents infection

And lastly, the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary also help to reduce swelling & puffiness. Because of this, it is a powerful natural cure for chronic conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis. Alternatively, it also helps to heal burns and soothe the skin.

Product Recommendations 

Now onto a few products that feature the healing benefits of rosemary. 

Attuned Beauty Balm

To start, this calming beauty balm makes use of rosemary extract, camellia extract, rosehip oil, & more to ensure hydration, a youthful glow, & a better complexion overall. You can learn more about the Attuned Beauty Balm & all it's incredible benefits & ingredients here

Hollywood Glow Botanical Serum 

Next, The Hollywood Glow Botanical Serum makes use of camellia oil, chamomile extract, calendula extract, rosemary extract & more to create a healing serum restore the skin's radiance, youth & glow. Read more on this incredible serum & all it’s powerful healing properties here

Purifying Elixir Botanical Cleansing Oil 

And lastly, this purifying oil that is perfect for all skin types makes use of chia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, rosemary extract & more to bring you a super oil that purifies your skin of clogged pores, excess oil, & helps to elevate moisture. Powerful, right? Click here to learn more about this supercharged cleansing oil.

Overall, rosemary is truly magical. From skincare to digestion, or even cognitive function, this herb can do just about anything. So in whatever way you prefer, be sure to incorporate rosemary into your everyday life to incorporate all it's beautiful healing properties into your life.

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