Hydrating & Moisturizing; Why your skin needs both

how often do you hydrate AND moisturize?

for most of you, probably never. It seems counterintuitive to add a water based product to your face and then mix in an oil based product on top. Oil and water don't mix. But I am here to share with you that, I am passionate about skincare, and I want you to have your best, healthiest skin yet. So please, stay with me for a moment while I take you on this journey.

Many products are formulated with water and oil to hydrate & moisturize in a single product, but here is where it gets tricky. Since water and oil don't mix, other ingredients called emulsifiers, have to be introduced to create that chemical bond. Depending on the kind of emulsifier a brand uses, it may be natural, it may not be. And then there are the additives that are used to create a specific texture. Not good. This is why we advocate for multiple products with simple ingredients and plant extracts.


do you drink water throughout the day to keep your organs hydrated? I hope so! But your skin needs the hydration too. And while it is an organ (our largest, in fact!) and it deeply benefits from drinking all the water, sometimes that isn't enough. The water we drink takes a lot longer to get to the skin surface. By hydrating topically, you are coming at it from both sides. This will also speed the healing process and allow for you to spray on herbal extracts that will penetrate the skin and give it advanced treatment. Skin lacking water is dehydrated and may look dull, have flaky patches, fine lines while still feeling oily, appear to be sunken in or have dark circles around the eyes. So grab your Blissful Dew - chockfull of rose waters, aloe juice and cotton thistle extract (this is for the anti-aging) - and spritz away!


our skin has a natural oil layer that protects itself from damage and water loss. If you’re prone to having dry, flaky skin, that’s a sign that your skin isn’t producing enough fat cells to form that protective barrier, making it unable to lock in moisture. And that’s where moisturizers come in, specifically serums which are made from oils. The serums help trap the natural oils and lipids on the surface of your skin, prevent water from evaporating, and maintain a healthy balance. Hydrated skin means nothing if it can't stay moisturized. Making sense yet?! And even if you keep adding moisturizers, without hydration, your skin will still look dull. Pick a serum or a balm that has the scent and benefits that will fit your personal skin needs. Don't be afraid to switch it up either - changing the serum you use every couple weeks, AM & PM or evening mixing your serum and balms together. This will allow for more phytochemicals from the plants to absorb into the face.

so which do you need?

BOTH! You need to hydrate your skin and moisturize it. Remember when I mentioned above that moisturized skin that is dehydrated will look dull?? Well hydrated skin that is not moisturized will feel rough and dry. And PLEASE don't dry your face after you spritz on the dew. Allow it to stay hydrated while you mix in the serum, or balm. Both products will magically work together, providing the best, and most absorbable, layer into the skin. Your skin will glow & be smooth.

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