4 Healing Properties of Rosemary & it's Benefits for the Skin + 3 Product Recommendations

We've talked about other soothing herbs for the skin such as chamomile or plantain, but one I want to focus on today is something unlike the rest, & probably one you have in your kitchen cabinet or maybe even growing in your backyard, & that is rosemary. 

Now, there are many incredible health benefits of rosemary, including powerful antioxidants, improvement of digestion, neurological protection, & more, but rosemary actually has powerful benefits for the health of your skin as well. So for today, we're going to delve into all the properties of this magical little herb & how it is essential for keeping your skin young & healthy.

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3 Natural Products to Use When You're Breaking Out

Let's be honest, nobody likes acne. Not only because it's irritating to our skin, but it can have a severe impact on our confidence level, make us feel gross, & basically like we're failing on all levels of skincare. But it’s ok, it happens, & sometimes acne can be out of our control (due to hormones or poor self-care habits), but there are certainly ways that you can help to ease the breakouts & speed up the healing process to get back to that goddess-like glow!
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4 Powerful Skincare Benefits of Chamomile & 5 Healing Products To Use With Chamomile Extract

In many different types of natural skincare products, you’ll find chamomile listed in the ingredients. Typically when we see the word ‘chamomile,’ our mind jumps to the soothing herbal tea that our grandma would make us drink before bed. But believe it or not, there’s actually a lot more benefits to chamomile than just the tea! In fact, chamomile can even be healing to your skin in many different ways.
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Clean Spirit Cleansing Grains + Purifying Elixir Botanical Cleansing Oil (And Why You Should Ditch The Foaming Cleansers ASAP!)

When it comes to getting rid of oil, we're willing to do some crazy things. Whether it's using powder to cover the shine, caking on layers of foundation, or using a rough oil cleanser to scrub it away. While these are quick & easy solutions, they're something we definitely shouldn't be doing. If you want healthy-looking skin that will keep you feeling beautiful and confident, you're going to need to invest in something that's a little more high-quality, gentle, and natural. With that said, there are two products today that can solve your oily problem easily that we want to discuss a little more in-depth today.
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Which Serum is Best For Your Skin Type? 3 Serum Recommendations for Sensitive, Mature, & All Skin Types

We all love serums. Whether we use them to attack problems, reduce inflammation, hydrate our skin, or to keep us youthful. Serums are the next best thing & can have massive benefits for the health of our skin overall. But using the wrong serum can cause all of these incredible benefits to go to waste. For this reason, we're going to share the best facial serums to use for your skin type, the benefits of each of them, and a few recommendations of the best one to use for your individual skin needs! So, without further ado, let's get started!
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