Blue Tansy Essential Oil & How Essential It Is For Healing The Skin

Healing the Skin with Herbal Ingredients

When it comes to skincare, there are many many ingredients to use to heal your skin. Chamomile to fade spots, rose water for improved complexion, lavender for its anti-aging properties, the list goes on. But perhaps one of the most powerful ingredients found in higher-end beauty products is blue tansy oil. 

Now, if you've never heard of blue tansy oil, you're in for a treat! This oil, rich in a natural creamy blue color, is basically the ultimate super product for your skin. It is packed full of tons of incredible antioxidants & has all many essential benefits going on. So for today, we're going to go over each of these powerful benefits & show you why you absolutely need to have this oil in your everyday routine if you want to achieve flawless, healthy, & youthful skin!

  1. It’s Anti-inflammatory

To start off, blue tansy oil is known for its incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It is most commonly used for this, as it is believed to help soothe, calm, & relieve irritated or sensitive skin. It is also packed full of antioxidants on top of it, so you're truly getting rid of the old & bringing in the new when you use this oil. 

  1. It’s Acne-fighting

Next, it is also known for its incredible ability to fight & clear acne. This is, once again, thanks to its incredible anti-inflammatory properties that help to kill bacteria in your pores, fight off redness, reduce congested skin, & reduce the appearance of pimples overall. This makes it essential for those with sensitive, acne-prone skin & is truly the ultimate healing remedy. 

  1. It’s Deeply Moisturizing

And lastly, on top of all, it's other incredible benefits, blue tansy oil is also extremely moisturizing for the skin. It helps to penetrate your skin deeply with maximum hydration to strip away harsh chemicals & radicals that may have damaged your skin & ultimately bring life back to it. This makes it ideal for those who also struggle with dry or oily skin, truly making it perfect for all skin types. 


Top Blue Tansy Product Feature: 

Attuned Natural Beauty Balm 

Now, if you're looking for a powerful beauty product with blue tansy in it, his beauty balm, which features blue tansy & helichrysum as the main ingredients, is praised for its ability to heal the skin unlike any other. This combination works to protect, hydrate, & fight against free radicals for the ultimate soothing treatment. Other natural ingredients include shea butter, camellia seed oil, rosehip oil, babassu oil, & more! Overall, this is soothing, gentle, & powerful moisturizing treatment that is definitely a necessity in your everyday routine! 

In the end, blue tansy oil is the total package for skincare & is basically a do-it-all in one! So, if you're sick of searching for the ideal combination of ingredients for the ultimate product, look no further, as blue tansy is going to be your skin's new bestie! Don't believe us? Try the product listed below & trust us, you'll see the quality of your skin improve immensely.

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